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Perfidus Stellam [Crown] by Naside
Perfidus Stellam [Crown]
This is a sort of 'crown' that is worn by the Demon Lord, Perfidus Stellam.

I already 'finished' my work in creating the first work that this crown would be used in but I figured that before making more progress on that project, it would make sense to work on designing references for different parts of Stellam's clothing. So I started with the crown.

The shape and design of the entire thing is based around Perfidus' personal crest, which consists of a star with an upside down triangle and an 'eye' in the middle. With the star angled right-side up, the circular gem splits the triangle into three parts as reference to one of Perfidus' old masters and the circular gem- taking the form of an emblem called the Eye of Malladus -represents the second of his old masters.

It took some time for me to think of how to design the crown and while taking the full shape of Stellam's head and horns into account. In the end, I found some inspiration in the crown Ganondorf wears in Twilight Princess, which has some pretty interesting symbolism in suggesting his divinity. You may get a better idea of how it's intended to be worn once I put up some work on my current major project later on.
Brache's Armor {Concept} by Naside
Brache's Armor {Concept}
These are the final concepts for Brache's armor. Sorry they took so long to come out, but I occasionally had some stuff I really had to deal with and I took a good break to work on that work for the CrossCode contest.

In ToH RPG, Brache is a Lokomo that precedes the time of Spirit Tracks, having fought in the initial war against Demon King Malladus alongside the Spirits of Good and commanded Phantom warriors themself. Following the war, they became one of the Lokomo sages and took on the title of Dark Lokomo- one which I believe Byrne may have fit under before he betrayed the Lokomo for the Demons in Spirit Tracks -and held the duty of guarding the portal to the Dark Realm and banishing Demons as they appeared.

This is the reason for the sigil upon their cape and the many references to the crest of the Spirits of Good on their armor. Additionally, most of the colors were pulled from and based on the color palette of Byrne, an antagonist from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. There were some additional palette pulls from different Phantoms as well due to Brache's close relation to both the Phantoms and Byrne (as Brache is intended to act as Byrne's mentor at a later time).

I did initially intend to add shading and highlights to all angles but I decided that one side was enough to get an idea and that it made more sense for the rest to remain flat since it's all conceptual.
Observance Feed {Cargo Crab Battle} by Naside
Observance Feed {Cargo Crab Battle}
"I am confident that you can handle this; I can see its battle stats. It matches your level!"- Sergey Asimov

This is a piece that I worked on for a contest that was run by Radical Fish Games for CrossCode, a game they're developing. I first came across the game when ZeldaUniverse brought it up (since it was compared to the Zelda series in some aspects while managing to remain very original in its own ways) and somehow it just really caught my interest!

Right now they're running an IndieGoGo campaign to help fund the game; originally it was going to end on the 27th, but the developers managed to extend their campaign. They've got one of their latest demos out and for a game that's so early in development, it's really packed with stuff to the point that it's difficult to see that it's even incomplete. I've spend hours playing it and I can definitely say that it's really, really fun.

Besides this being my first time actually participating in an art contest, this is also my first completely digital piece of my own without anything originally being traditionally worked out so I'm actually incredibly proud of it. There were tons and tons of different things that I tried out and learned as I worked on this so it was a fantastic experience.

The scene takes place just moments before the first boss in the game, a beast called the Cargo Crab (according to the development team earlier on anyways) that was summoned by that mysterious person in the background. It is in the story mode of the current demo for the game at any rate.

However, I wanted to depict the scene from the point of view of another character present in the game: Sergey. In essence, he's a programmer that's meant to act as the main character's guide throughout the game and so far he's appeared through some sort of feed. Because of this, I chose to make the entire scene itself a feed on some sort of device that he works on (I called it the CWVCP or CrossWorlds Virtual Communication Pad as how Sergey might refer to it).

The pad itself is designed and based around the Wii U gamepad as Radical Fish is hoping to eventually get CrossCode onto the Wii U and I thought it'd be a perfect way to show Sergey's own (fan-made) devices.

There were a lot of different individual pieces I used to make the final work (Sergey's reflection, the CrossWorlds logo I made up, the scene itself...) so perhaps sometime I'll upload those separately.

CrossCode, Sergey, the CrossCode logo font © Radical Fish Games
Observance Feed {Cargo Crab Battle} and CWVCP © NasiDe


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I have the motivation to do something art-related and I have that feeling that inwardly I know what it is, but outwardly I just cannot figure out what it is. The things I'm thinking it might be, I keep convincing myself it can't be because I feel like that's only temporary due to bias and I haven't bothered to think up my own idea out of laziness.

What is it that I really absolutely know I want to do and have the motivation to do? Time to ponder.
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